Sometimes I make Web Apps.

For the last two years I have focused on learning web development and design. So far I have managed one enterprise web system and made two complete websites, as well as a few toy/experiment apps.

The following projects are listed in order of descending amount of fun they were to work on.

Audio Player Mini App

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August 2019

I created this small single page app as my second test project using Svelte.js, a fantastic library for creating ridiculously lightweight websites. It's based on a Dribbble Shot by The Glyph.

Switch between tracks in the playlist by clicking, or add a new track you find on the web by clicking Add Track. Keyboard-friendly! Try WASD to emulate the mousemove parallax effect.

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August 2017 &ndash August 2019

I didn't have the pleasure of building the web ecosystem for Iridium Satellites, but I helped migrate it to WordPress as a member of the Iridium Marketing Team.

I redesigned the document repository housed in the Iridium For Partners portion of the site, and managed the platform day-to-day with content updates and user support.

You're Already Here!

Jekyll, GitHub Pages

November 2018 – Present

My personal website was my first foray into web design and development, and has served as my playground for experimentation ever since. God bless GitHub for their free static site hosting.

Pantone Color Picker

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July 2019

My first test project using Svelte.js. I relied on the excellent dataset by Margaret2 on GitHub for the Pantone color names and RGB values.

Click around and change any values to see all the rest update, click the Pantone values to copy, and click the color name to Google search for it.

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March 2019

Ashé Artists is a project by two of my college friends, which will be a digital networking resource for freelance dancers. I'm no dancer, but they brought me on as an art and business adviser.

Squarespace provided what we needed to get started, but I've found customizing it really cumbersome, and will likely rebuild this with Gatsby and Sanity when we return to work on the project.