The Gardener's Guide to Weather & Climate cover

The Gardener's Guide to Weather & Climate

by Allaby, Michael

published in 

first published in 2015

edited by Michael Dempsey


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333 pages

published by Timber Press

published in Portland, Oregon

owned in Printed Book format

Very useful and enjoyable read. It's a testament to the author that they made such a byzantine topic feel so approachable. Some of the best layout and informational graphic design I've seen outside of an Edward Tufte book.

I might have misread, but it felt to me at the end that the author bordered on climate change denialism in the section on climate trends at the end, but I read this years ago so I'd like to revisit what they wrote.


Allaby, Michael. The Gardener's Guide to Weather & Climate. Portland, Oregon: Timber Press, 2015. Printed Book.