About Frank.

I'm a young professional who likes making, learning, and teaching. I live in Washington, DC and spend most weekends visiting my partner in New York City. My biggest hobbies are skateboarding and making music. Right now I'm reading The Art of Scalability.

I grew up outside of Akron, Ohio with a home full of tools and materials. No one in my family ever really thought about it much, but they were all creative entrepeneurs. I fell in love with learning by making things thanks to the quiet craftsmanship of my mom and dad. They had this willingness to indulge and guide my rampant curiosity that amazes me to this day.

Making things that I can actually use gives me this unique thrill. I first felt it when my mom helped me design and sew a backpack from scratch during my senior year of high school. It was like seeing a new color: suddenly the design and craft of everything became vivid.

I have dedicated myself to learning and teaching how to make things wherever I can ever since. It's what led me to co-found The Maker Club during my time at Ohio State. It's why I still make furniture even as I work in marketing and graphic design.

It's also why I'm learning to code now. Being able to build software tools and sites for people seems like a magical to me. Programming is just writing that causes things to happen. That's why I built this site as a practice project for myself using the static site generator Jekyll, hosted on Github Pages.