Inclusive Components cover

Inclusive ComponentsAccessible web interfaces, piece by piece

by Heydon Pickering

published in 

first published in 2019

edited by Owen Gregory


✔ Available to borrow

330 pages

published by Smashing Media AG

published in Freiburg, Germany

owned in Printed Book format

Solid practical examples, a really good introduction to how screenreader technology works and some great progressive enhancement techniques. Also freely published as a website online at, which I admire the author so much for1.


  1. almost as much as I admire their grunge metal band with a song about trans rights. 🤘🏻Trans rights are human rights🤘🏻


Pickering, Heydon. Inclusive Components: Accessible web interfaces, piece by piece. Freiburg, Germany: Smashing Media AG, 2019. Printed Book.