Introducing Linguistics cover

Introducing LinguisticsA Graphic Guide

by Trask, R.L and Mayblin, Bill

published in 

first published in 2009

edited by Richard Appignanesi


✔ Available to borrow

175 pages

published by Totem Books

published in London

owned in Printed Book8-184831-088-9 format

This is an excellent book for young teens and up, providing a surprisingly dense overview of the history and theory of linguistics in a very easily digestible format. Especially recommended for anyone with ADHD: it has a comic book or scrapbook-like layout that keeps variety high. One of my earliest nonfiction book purchases, and a stellar example of how to explain a topic using a smooth progression of complexity.


Trask, R.L and Mayblin, Bill. Introducing Linguistics: A Graphic Guide. London: Totem Books, 2009. Printed Book8-184831-088-9.