Wildwood Wisdom cover

Wildwood WisdomClassic Wilderness Living

by Ellsworth Jaeger

published in 

first published in 1992


✔ Available to borrow

491 pages

published by Shelter Publications Inc

published in Bolinas, California

owned in Printed Book format

A helpful reference for those looking to use minimal-impact approaches to traditional camping. Although in truth I mostly flip through it as an interesting historical lens, as I don't get out to camp so much since moving to NYC. Some problematic depictions of First Nations and indigenous Mexicans, mostly of the mythologizing kind. The text is definitely more interested in gleaning the mystical wisdom of native Americans than tracing the history of those traditions, which is a bit sad because it would be a treasure trove of history if it mapped the use and lineage of the incredible wealth of survival techniques it carries.

This copy was gifted to me by my sister Nicki, and since it's more of a reference book I don't think I'd be comfortable lending it out for an indefinite length of time, but if you are looking for screenshots or research from it I'd be happy to provide that kind of access.


Jaeger, Ellsworth. Wildwood Wisdom: Classic Wilderness Living. Bolinas, California: Shelter Publications Inc, 1992. Printed Book.