330 Cars

For Her Cars as a Lead designer & developer

🛠 with SvelteKit, Sanity, Netlify

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My sister runs a small used car lot in Akron called Her Cars. She has been exploring the possibility of starting up a rental car business out of it, and asked if I could help figure out how that might work. dev.330-cars.com is the result of that exploration.

It consists of a deeply customized Sanity Studio hooked to a SvelteKit frontend, using serverless functions to get the best of both static and server-rendered content on Netlify.

Dani hasn't had the opportunity to start up this aspect of her business in the chaos of the last couple years, but I believe it is nearly ready for her when she gets the chance1. I'm very proud of the editor experience on this platform, and will be writing more about it soon.


  1. as I read that I realized that I need to make the reservation time inputs restricted to 15-minute intervals based on the global settings in Sanity, so....#todo

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