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I became a core contributor to the online code-based 3D modeling platform starting with some small design tweaks. I eventually helped the creator Kurt Hutten re-architect the editor to work on a plugin system, and helped coordinate with the maintainers to integrate 4 major CodeCAD packages into CadHub: OpenSCAD, CadQuery, JSCAD, and Curv.

I then led a re-design of the platform's frontend, and helped with implementation as well, coding up the profile and project pages, and building a keyboard shortcut system for the editor.

Kurt and I have had to step away from the project because of work and personal life shifts, but the project is still alive and just waiting for us or someone from the fledgling community we started to establish to take up the mantle again. I still very much believe in the future of parametric, version-controlled 3D modeling, and think that the members of this community are doing amazing things.

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