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I helped build ringofkeys.org in early 2020 (right before the pandemic) and have been maintaining the site for the past 3 years. Ring of Keys is a 501c3 non-profit organization that helps empower, promote, and connect theatermakers that identify as queer women, non-binary, or trans.

My favorite part of this site was figuring out how to do user-editable profiles on a budget. Using DatoCMS for $15/mo (we got in on the ground level as early adopters) combined with a free-tier Auth0 account, I was able to model the members as CMS entries, and give them privileged access to edit their single CMS entry through a user interface that is built into the website. Headless CMSes for the win!

I built this with Gatsby, and this was the first React code I had ever written, Boy was that tricky. I don't really like Gatsby's opinions on software layering1, so over 2022 I rewrote it in NextJS. In 2023 we're implementing more artist-centric features like a better member dashboard and community-building tools.

I didn't do the original designs (those were by Meg Elliott!) but as of right now I'm doing all design and development for the project. Always happy to take on contributors though, feel free to reach out!


  1. or their company's trajectory

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