Text-to-CAD UI

For Zoo as a designer & developer

🛠 with SvelteKit, ML-ephant API, Threlte

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I built text-to-cad-ui as one of two initial example frontend apps for Zoo's ML-ephant API for machine learning in CAD, the other being my colleague Jess' implementation of a Discord chatbot that does the same thing. The app allows users to enter a natural language (any language!) description of an object and get back a CAD file. The app is built with SvelteKit and Threlte, a SvelteKit library for 3D rendering. The app is hosted on Vercel.

We initially tried a completely different look and feel for this app, which showed a 3D preview of every model in a lazily-loading list, but we ended up going with a sidebar layout that is more familiar to users of other LLM apps like ChatGPT. I'm really happy with how it feels to use now.

It was interesting to learn that it's better to have increase information density and have all of the models' links available to click through quickly, rather than having a 3D preview of every model. I didn't expect that to feel faster to use, but it does.